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Area of Expertise

Mr Chaudhuri’s main focus is on inguinal hernias, which are one of the commonest forms of hernias that appear as a lump in the groin.

Hernias can be without symptoms or can present with pain and complications when the lump does not ‘go back in’.

Opinions are mine, based on many operations, my interpretations of current evidence and outcomes following evolution of my specific techniques for dealing with inguinal hernias.

Repair Technique

Mr Chaudhuri has devised the mini-open technique which has been widely published and presented internationally.

This allows repair of inguinal hernias via a 3-4cm incision, and because of the results, allows almost all uncomplicated hernias to be dealt with as a day case.

This allows complete repair of the weakness using a synthetic titanium-coated mesh (Timesh, pfm Medical) with or without a plug for the weakness.

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Mr Chaudhuri now has the largest experience with Titanium-coated mesh in the United Kingdom*

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*Inguinal mini-open hernia repair (MOHR) using a titanium coated mesh reduces short term groin pain: a prospective study of 200 cases. Chaudhuri A. Hernia 2011; 15(S1): S69. Presented at the American Hernia Society conference, 2011.